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Doug Oakley’s Mavericks photo appeared in OtP’s Faith, Luck & Chance issue

From 2004 through 2008, I was a senior editor for On the Page, a San Francisco–based literary magazine featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and photography.

In this role, I wrote essays and film and book reviews for each issue and represented the magazine as a reader at Litquake. I also recruited and worked with contributors, edited submissions, and helped manage production, distribution, and promotional events.

On the Page‘s Faith, Luck, & Chance, Unfinished Business, and Shared Spaces issues are all available online.

Here’s an excerpt from a film review that appeared in the Shared Spaces issue:

In “Imperial Bedroom,” Jonathan Franzen’s How to Be Alone essay addressing the blurring line between the public and the private in modern society, the author explains his chosen title this way: “In a coast-to-coast, shag-carpeted imperial bedroom, we could all just be messes and save ourselves the trouble of pretending. But who wants to live in a pajama-party world?” // Pajama-party world—the phrase brings to mind a certain casualness, an intimacy, a degree of exposure and shared experience that Lukas Moodysson brilliantly evokes in the Swedish film Together, released in 2000. Here the pajama party takes place in a collective in Stockholm in 1975, where meat and Christmas are not allowed but highly vocal sex with a man not your husband is; where Pippi Longstocking is decried as a capitalist, and the sudden appearance of a television in the living room is seen as a fine reason to move out.

Read the full review here, and my essay on “ghost films” here.


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