deputy editor: Profit

Cover photo by Paul S. Howell; featured image by I-Hua Chen

From the spring of 2015 through summer 2019, I was the deputy editor of Profit, a quarterly business magazine (circulation 110,000) published by Oracle that’s geared toward senior executives at Oracle customer companies. Working closely with the magazine’s editor in chief, I helped conceive our content lineup and handle developmental editing and project management for all Profit articles. I frequently collaborated with Oracle customers, freelance writers, fellow editors, and design staff to create compelling case studies and thought leadership content.

Prior to becoming an editor for Profit, I wrote features for the magazine on topics including microloans and business performance management.

I was also a contributing editor and writer for Oracle’s flagship magazine, Oracle Magazine. Published bimonthly, with a circulation of 550,000, Oracle Magazine is targeted primarily to technologists using Oracle solutions. In September 2015, this 30-year-old print magazine went digital-only, resulting in a tablet-optimized publication that’s highly visual, interactive, and easy to navigate. I worked closely with on-staff editors on this transition, which has allowed Oracle Publishing to provide advertisers with previously unattainable metrics on reader engagement.

“Blair Campbell has been an integral part of our publishing team for many years. She is deeply knowledgeable in all editorial areas and we rely on her excellent writing, editing, and project management skills. She understands what it takes to create content and excels in setting goals, creating workflows, working with writers, reviewing and editing copy, and meeting deadlines. She is not only a great writer and editor; she can also manage the process extremely well from start to finish. One of her strongest qualities is how very easy, professional, and delightful she is to work with.” —Jan Rogers, Managing Editor, Oracle Magazine and Profit



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